A 6 Year Old Go Getter

EDITORIAL USE ONLY Undated handout photo issued by Legoland Windsor Resort in Berkshire of a letter written by Stanley Bolland, six, from Hampshire, applying for a job he saw advertised at the attraction in his local newspaper. PRESS ASSOCIATION. Issue date: Sunday September 3, 2017. Photo credit should read: Legoland/PA Wire

There’s a Legoland theme park near London that recently posted about a job opening for a part-time model builder.  And one of the people who applied was 6-year old Stanley Bolland.  He sent them a handwritten letter. Someone at Legoland wrote back to him and said he’ll be perfect for the job once he finishes school.  So he’s got a while to wait.  But they ended up bringing him in for a tour of the park.  And they let him shadow one of the builders while they walked around doing repairs.  So he was pretty happy. They also say they’re going to hang onto his application, and check back with him when he’s a little older. We love this kid

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