This 81 Year Old Hostess Rules The Skies

“If you love what you do it’s not considered work.” That statement holds true for 81 year old Bette Nash, a hostess with American Airlines. It’s been six decades and she still flaunts the energy and style like it’s her first day.
Passengers are all smiles after taking selfies with Bette. “When I saw her i was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I just saw her on tv last week!” said Kendra Taylor.
In the US, pilots have to retire at 65, but the rule doesn’t apply to commercial flight attendants. Bette started her career at age 21 with Eastern Airlines and has been going ever since, “I start my day at 2:10 in the morning. I have two alarm clocks and when they go off I don’t lie there. I get up.” Bette says about her morning routine.
Ten years ago, on her 50th job anniversary, Bette’s plane was welcomed by sprays of water from fire engines. A ceremony usually for veteran pilots or the baptism of new planes. On when she’ll retire Bette says, “I am not going to work till I’m 90.” Her 82nd birthday is December 31.
Could you be at a job as long as Bette?



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