The Best Human-Dog Reunion EVER!

Finally, a good story about the devastating wildfires in California. Thousands of evacuees got the all-clear to return their homes as fire crews are gaining ground against the fires.  The number of those under evacuation orders fell from nearly 100,000 down to 75,000. According to Cal Fire, at least 40 people have died. Nearly 11,000 firefighters are still battling 15 fires burning across a 100-mile swath of the state.  2-guys went back to their parents’ house in Santa Rosa to survey the damage and see if their 9-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog Izzy had survived.  Their family had been forced to evacuate in a hurry, and she got left behind.  Their neighborhood was destroyed and they thought the worst for their dog…BUT then Izzy ran over with her tail wagging, completely unharmed.  Here’s the moment they found her. We cried!



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