Bono says, ‘Music has gotten very girly”

In an interview with Rolling Stone Bono said, “music has gotten very girly.” Bono also added to that statement, “there are some good things about that, but hip hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment and that’s not good.”
Bono believes that music has become feminine because of streaming. “”It’s dominated by frequency of plays , but that is not the actually a measure of the weight of an artist.” Bono added.
As streaming has become popular Bono says that their approach to music has changed with now more focus being on the songs rather than the albums. With the thinking that “if the songs are better then the albums will be better.”
The current U2 album, Songs of Experience, was recently on the top of the charts giving U2 a No 1 album in the US every decade since the 1980s. Do you agree with Bono’s thoughts o music today?

Click here to read Bono’s complete interview with Rolling Stone.




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