But it was so sweet! How can people be mad!?

FIRST day of American Idol and already drama.  Come on people.  It was sweet!!!  Katy Perry kissed a boy and he like it – but there were some who thought it was uncalled for.

Ya see what happened was American Idol contestant, Benjamin Glaze, said he liked his job as a cashier at an electronics store because all the girls have to say hi to him, so judge Luke Bryan asked him if he’d ever “kissed a girl and liked it,” making reference to Perry’s hit song.

Glaze admitted he never kissed a girl, and Katy asked Glaze to kiss her on the cheek. When he went in to kiss her cheek, Perry turned fast and gave him a peck on the lips.

While I and lots of others online thought it was adorable, lots thought it wrong and that she kissed Glaze without consent.

Do you think there was anything wrong with Perry sneaking a kiss to the Idol contestant? I see nothing wrong with it.  If he didn’t want to kiss her or be kissed, he wouldn’t have gone up to the judges table!


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