Cheetah Will Be the Villian in “Wonder Woman 2”

Details on the “Wonder Woman” sequel have been sketchy so far, but now looks like a leak has spilled and fans are happy to get the tea. Reports are that the villain in “Wonder Woman 2” is Cheetah.
The news hasn’t been officially confirmed, but the word is that Warner Bros is looking for someone to play the part now. Emma Stone was favored to get the role, but turned it down. No other names have been mentioned except Sarah Paulson who expressed interest on social media.
Wonder Woman would have her hands full with Cheetah. She has the abilities of agility, controlling animals, very smart, can sense death, shape shifting, heightened senses, and super strength.
Production for “Wonder Woman 2” is set to begin in June.
Who do you think would be good to play the role of Cheetah?


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