A Cheeto Shaped Like Harambe Sells For Big Bucks!

It’s amazing what some people will pay for a crazy item!  A Cheeto shaped like Harambe the gorilla has sold for almost $100,000 on  eBay.  Bidding started yesterday at $11. But after 132 bids, the Cheeto sold for $99, 900 early this morning.   Harambe the Gorilla was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in May, after a 3-year-old fell into the gorilla enclosure.  The post on eBay read: “This item up for bid is only for this unique Cheetos, bag not included. This makes a great collectible for anyone who appreciates rare items!”  The seller says the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto is about one and a half inches long.  The seller also offered free shipping on the item!

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