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Christmas Wish | Quantum House

wreathIt’s Sunny 107.9’s Christmas Wish, along with Quantum House, to help local families whose children are receiving treatment for a serious medical condition and are experiencing a heavy burden this holiday season.

Together we can make their Christmas as bright as possible.

About Quantum House

Quantum House is a caring and supportive home that lessens the burden for families whose children are receiving treatment in Palm Beach County for a serious medical condition.

They opened our doors in May 2001, and continue to be the only house of our kind between Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

Fun Facts:

  • No medical care is administered at the House; it is meant to be a reprieve from the hospital. Some patients stay at the hospital, while others go back and forth daily for on-going treatment.
  • We serve 500+ family members every year with 30 guest rooms and facilities to accommodate families of all pediatric needs.
  • Though we are located on the campus of St. Mary’s Medical Center, we are available to patients from other hospitals and treatment centers.
  • In addition to lodging we aim to enrich the stay of our guests with activities hosted by volunteers and nightly meals prepared through our ‘Chef for a Day’ program.
  • We receive no funding from the government so our doors stay open because of the generosity of folks like you!

Help Make Christmas Wishes Come True

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 Meet the Familythe-hollands

Quantum House Guests: The Hollands

“’Your son has cancer’ were words I never thought I’d hear.” When Emily and her husband Jay checked into Quantum House, they were at a loss. Elijah was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with severe pain, and the medical team broke the news to Elijah’s family that their 5-year-old son would need treatment immediately for the cancer that was spreading in his small body.

Emily and Jay knew the next few weeks would be long, hard and exhausting. They knew they needed to be by Elijah’s side every step of the way. Quantum House knew how to care for Emily and Jay so they could give Elijah all their love and attention. Time and again, the House has seen the dramatic effect of keeping families together.

the-ballsQuantum House Guests: The Balls

Logan was born early and, his health was extremely compromised. He especially struggled through the night. Doctors and nurses didn’t expect to discharge him any time soon. Because his mother Randi didn’t have to worry about the exhausting commute from home to the hospital, she spent the nights with Logan. After a week, Logan was ready to go home—more than two weeks ahead of schedule!

“The nurses said Logan recovered faster because of the time I spent with him at night.” Being close by is an invaluable gift families never forget.


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