Climber Falls 2000 Feet And Survives!

What an incredible story! A mountain climber survived two days in the snow after falling thousands of feet near a summit in Colorado.  23-year old Ryan Montoya went missing Sunday southwest of Aspen, Colorado, while climbing the 14,000-foot Pyramid Peak solo. Montoya was 40 feet from the summit when the ice collapsed under his weight, sending him sliding 2,000 feet down the mountain, he recounted. He said he fell long enough ‘to do a lot of talking, thinking and yelling all the way down’.  Montoya, who broke his elbow and pelvis, survived 2 days on his own. He managed to walk to a nearby street and flagged down a person who called for help.   Montoya is now recovering in the hospital and doctors are trying to save his fingers that suffered frostbite in the ordeal.

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