Some Colorado Police Have An Unbearable Job!

Authorities in Colorado were involved in a wild incident Tuesday morning after a bear broke into a girl’s car.  Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a scary situation in Genessee. A 17-year-old girl called police after a bear climbed into her Subaru and began to rip the seats and the ceiling.  Deputies Josh Tillman and Brian McLaughlin arrived on the scene to find the bear still locked inside the vehicle. McLaughlin recorded a video on his cellphone showing the animal breathing on the glass and putting its paw on the window.  McLaughlin wondered how the bear got into the car because there wasn’t a broken window. The teen told the station that she didn’t lock the door and believes the bear may have just opened the door and locked itself in. The deputies were able to pop the handle on the latch and the bear was able to crawl its way out and skip off back into the woods. The car was destroyed!

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