Daniel Craig Named Least Attractive James Bond

Wow! Daniel Craig has just been named the least attractive James Bond in movie history!  A series of facial mapping test studies on the Bond characters is the reason he’s gotten the distinction. The study says, “his bulbous nose, thin lips, and wide face” are what put him on the bottom of the list.

A study using the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi has named Daniel Craig the least attractive of the James Bond actors due to his 'bulbous nose' and 'thin lips' 
How did the others fare?

The most attractive James Bond?  You guess it…Sir Sean Connery! The late Sir Roger Moore took second place, Timothy Dalton was third, Pierce Brosnan fourth & George Lazenby took fifth place.

Click here to read more on the science behind the study!

Who do you think was the most and least attractive James Bond?


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