Disney Employee Fired For Tweeting An Image Of This Sign. Too Harsh?

Shannon Sullivan was disheartened by the sign she saw posted in the Walt Disney World break room.  If guests ask whether there are alligators in the water around the Magic Kingdom’s Tom Sawyer Island, it told employees, the correct answer is: “Not that we know of, but if we see one, we will call Pest Management to have them removed.’ Please do not say that we have seen them before.”Disney Gators Sign

“I was very offended by it and I was pretty vocal about it,” said Sullivan, a Disney College Program participant working in Magic Kingdom restaurants. She tweeted out a picture of the sign. Disney quickly removed the sign, which the company had not authorized to be posted. Around the same time, Sullivan was fired.  The Orlando Sentinel inquired about Sullivan’s termination Thursday evening. On Friday morning, Magic Kingdom Vice President Dan Cockerell paid a personal visit to Sullivan to offer her the job back. She will return to work until later this month, when her internship was originally scheduled to end.


Image Courtesy Of Shannon Sullivan’s Twitter Account

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