Ed Sheeran told to cancel shows or never play guitar again

Ed Sheeran was told by doctors if he tried to perform with a broken wrist, elbow and rib, he might not be able to play guitar again.
Sheeran’s bike accident has been well documented. He fell off the bike, felt a little hurt then went to a bar. It wasn’t until he woke up in pain the next day that he went to the hospital. Sheeran wound up cancelling tour dates because of the injuries.
Sheeran said in an interview, “I tried to say I’ll carry on doing the shows but they said if I put any more stress on it, I might not be able to play again so it’s good to be sensible.”
He said doctors will reevaluate his injury in 4 weeks to see how long it will take him to recover and hit the stage again.
Have you ever rushed back too quick after an injury or illness? What were the consequences?



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