Elton and Miley

Elton John opened his Grammy performance in his classic style, sitting at the piano and wearing a bejeweled jacket and sunglasses. After singing a verse of the song solo, Elton introduced his duet-partner Miley Cyrus to the stage. Miley was all smiles in a stunning fuschia gown as she joined the icon for the rest of the song. These two were so adorable together it was almost too much to handle. Miley turned up the Southern twang in her accent for her share of the vocals, which worked perfectly for the whimsical ballad….is this a sign of his future “Farewell” tour?  We have tickets for Elton’s show on November 23rd at BB&T..here’s a hint for our question at 7:40 this morning….go look up who Elton’s biggest lyrics writer is!  


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