Ex-Trump Advisor, To Aid Trump’s “Vindication”

Carter Page, 46, served as an advisor to President Trump’s campaign from March-September 2016 until reports of his alleged connection to Russia emerged.

The reports included a July 2016 visit to Moscow in which he was suspected to have met with sanctioned Kremlin officials which Page denied.

The Navy veteran and former Trump campaign advisor who was under government surveillance as part of the Russia investigation has reportedly been ignored by Republicans or the White House, until now.

Page is at the center of the divisive memo released Friday that accuses law enforcement officials of abusing the system to obtain a warrant to surveil Page in 2016.

The Nunes memo also claims a Democrat-funded dossier that implicated Page in having deep ties to the Kremlin officials including officials sanctioned by the United States was improperly used to justify surveilling him after his employment with Trump.

This new knowledge has put Page back on the map and has made him critical component in conservative’s efforts to discredit the FBI and special counsel inquiry.

Page also gave documentation he compiled himself to the Senate Intelligence Committee that may be relevant to Trump’s “vindication.”

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This story will be updated once more information is available.

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