FOMO is REAL, according to a new study

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a REAL thing, according to a new study and it’s particularly acute amongst college students. A study published found that 48 percent of college freshmen believed that their friends had made more friends than they had. Thirty-one percent felt the opposite.

“Since social activities, like eating or studying with others, tend to happen in cafes and libraries where they are easily seen, students might overestimate how much their peers are socializing because they don’t see them eating and studying alone.”

The same can be said for the rise of social media. Many are left feeling like others have more interesting lives, more friends, eat better food, travel more etc.  The danger of FOMO is it’s leads to people feeling isolated and lonely, even if it’s not true. “The important thing may be to understand that you’re not alone in these feelings,” say researchers.

Do you feel like social media has made us all feel like we’re leading less fun lives?