Garth Brooks Offers to Pay for fan’s Honeymoon to Hawaii

Remember that time when I proposed to you during a Garth Brooks concert & he offered to pay for our Hawaiian honeymoon?

This couple will NEVER forget this moment!

Over the weekend, Garth Brooks played a concert in Oklahoma City. He noticed Drew Bargsley proposing to his girlfriend in the audience while singing, “Unanswered Prayers”. ¬†Garth stopped the song and asked Bargsley & his new fiance, Chelsea Townsend, when & where the honeymoon would be. When Townsend said, “No idea,” Brooks said he and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, would pay for the trip if they chose Hawaii! ¬†WOW!!!!! The video shows the crowd going nuts! Trisha Yearwood came on stage later in the show and said she was cool with her husband’s gesture.

Did you or do you know someone who got engaged at a big public event? Concert, ball game, etc.

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