George Clooney’s ‘twins’ debut on ‘JKL’ with Matt Damon as ‘Manny’

The Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon “feud” went to another level Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
George Clooney was a guest and he asked if the audience wanted to meet his twins, Alexander and Ella. Of course, the audience said yes.
When Kimmel asked for the babies to be brought out, there was his arch nemesis Matt Damon with the double stroller and baby bag.
Kimmel asked Damon why was he there. Damon replied, “I’m his manny. It’s a nanny who’s a man.” Kimmel responded, “You’re not a man.” Damon shot back, “That’s not what your wife said.” The actual babies weren’t there because Damon accidentally dropped one of the fake infants during the sketch.

George Clooney directed Matt Damon in his latest film, SUBURBICON.


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