Good Samaritans Raise Big Bucks For Elderly Popsicle Man

There are GOOD people in the world. This story will restore your faith in mankind!  Pushing a popsicle cart through busy city streets on hot summer days is a tough job, especially for an 89-year-old who was forced out of retirement after he and his wife lost their daughter.  That’s probably why one good Samaritan’s GoFundMe account has gone wild, raising more than $274,000 and counting in 3-days for this elderly Chicago man.   Joel Cervantes Macías was visiting his hometown of Chicago when he spotted Fidencio Sanchez selling paletas, a Mexican-style popsicle made with fresh fruit juices and chunks of fruit.  He bought $50 worth and Sanchez, who normally makes about $50 or $60 a day, looked shocked,  Afterward,  Cervantes Macías posted a picture of Fidencio on Facebook  saying how much he respected him. A friend then suggested that Cervantes start a GoFundMe page to help out the elderly man.  And now, after just 3 days, they’ve already raised more than a quarter-million dollars for Sanchez!


Image courtesy of  Huffington Post

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