Happy Friday The 13th

Here are a few things science says about you if you fear Friday the 13th:  Your fear has a name . . . it’s frigg-a-tri-skai-dek-a-phobia.  Feeling a little on edge is normal . . . but being paralyzed with fear is not.  And if you alter your plans today, you’re contributing to the $900 MILLION lost in business each Friday the 13th. Some other facts:

74% of people say they’ve had bad luck on a Friday the 13th in the past…..


But that could just be people overstating things.  Statistically speaking, today isn’t any more dangerous than any other day.  A study out of Finland found there’s no increase in bad things happening on Friday the 13th.


5% of people plan to stay in their house all day today just to be safe.

Watch out for black cats, ladders and cracks in the sidewalk!  


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