James Corden nearly named his daughter Beyonce

We almost had another Beyonce in the world thanks to James Corden.
During his monologue on The Late Late Show, Corden spoke about the early birth of his daughter. Corden and his wife, Julia Carey, welcomed their third child on Tuesday.
The baby’s birth came as a surprise. Corden and Carey were just at the doctor for a routine check up when they found out the child was on the way.
In the frenzy, the parents hadn’t figured out a name. Corden said when the doctor asked, he told them Beyonce. His wife didn’t think it was funny. The nurses began to start paperwork for Beyonce Corden. James went over and told them, “Excuse me, there is only one Beyonce.”
Have you heard stories of people giving their children the wrong name and it stuck?

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