‘Jeopardy’ Is On Hiatus

The timeless game show ‘Jeopardy’, that has managed to stay popular for years, is taking a hiatus so that it’s host Alex Trebek can recover from brain surgery.  In December, Trebek was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma after a fall and having surgery to correct the condition. In non-medical terms, he suffered blood clots from the brain surgery.  Fear not ‘Jeopardy’ fans your host is doing well. Trebek spent the holidays with his family and posted a video showing he’s doing fine and called the issue a ‘slight medical problem.”  Trebek is expected to be back filming ‘Jeopardy’ in mid January, but since the show films a month in advance his situation slowed things up a bit. Do you still enjoy watching ‘Jeopardy’?



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