Katy Perry helps fans get engaged on National Coming Out Day

Katy Perry celebrated National Coming Out Day on Wednesday by helping a couple get engaged at her concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
In a video posted by a concert goer, Perry brought two women on stage. Perry asked one of the women (named Katy), “You said you had a wish. Well this is a shooting star” as Perry pointed to a stage prop. Perry said, “What is your wish, Katy.”
Katy’s girlfriend Becky was on stage and that’s when Katy took a knee. Perry got on one knee as well and said, “Say yes Becky if you want to get married!”
Perry took a selfie with the couple and explained Katy sent an email before the show to set up the surprise. Perry said, “It’s beautiful on National Coming Out Day” before congratulating the couple and continuing the show. By the way, Becky said yes.
What’s your feeling on public proposals?



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