Kelly Clarkson reveals why she chose to judge ‘The Voice’ over ‘American Idol’

By choosing to judge ‘The Voice’ over ‘American Idol’ many thought Kelly Clarkson was slighting the show that propelled her to fame, however, that’s not the case says the songstress.

“Here’s the thing, let’s keep it real. I thought (‘Idol’) was ending,” the “Since U Been Gone” singer told Ellen DeGeneres on Friday’s episode of “Ellen.” Though the producers were talking about reviving the show, she had no idea how soon it would actually be.

She goes on to say that by the time the show had announced it’s return, she was already in talks with ‘The Voice’.

It was made official this week: Clarkson is joining the hit NBC singing competition as a key adviser for the knockout rounds in Season 13.


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