Kelly Clarkson says when she was really skinny she was miserable

Kelly Clarkson has recently opened up about her weight and how the pressure to be really skinny made her life miserable.
After releasing her album, ‘Breakaway’, the star was pressured to lose weight, but that pressure came with a price, “when I was really skinny, I wanted to kill myself. I was miserable, like inside and out, for four years of my life,” she says in Attitude magazine. “But no one cared, because aesthetically you make sense.”
The singer is clearly happier and healthier now saying, “I don’t obsess about my weight, which is probably one of the reasons why other people have such a problem with it. There are just some people who are born skinny and with a great metabolism–that is not me. I wish I had a better metabolism. But someone else probably wishes they could walk into a room and make friends with everyone like I can. You always want what someone else has.”
Did hitting your goal weight actually make you miserable?



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