Lemur Attacks Miami Woman!

Who knew lemurs were aggressive?  This lemur apparently got loose in Miami and decided to perch outside this woman’s home. He wasn’t happy when she came out of the house! The 21-year-old woman is recovering from injuries suffered when a lemur bit her. Reportedly, Victoria Valledor looked outside after hearing scratching noises on the door.  When she opened the door to check, the lemur jumped on her and bit her.  Isabella Valledor says her older sister called 911, but the lemur started chasing her again.  Victoria was taken to the hospital, where she required stitches to close some bite wounds.  A wildlife spokesman says they were able to coax the lemur away without sedation and capture it.  Investigators from the wildlife agency are trying to determine where the lemur came from. State records show there are about five people who have captive wildlife licenses in the area.

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