Little “Gobi” Is Proof That Dogs Really Are Man’s Best Friend!

You just have to LOVE this story!  41-year-old Dion Leonard of Scotland ran a 150-mile ultra-marathon in China recently.  It took a full  week.   And on day 2, a stray dog started running with him.   And he was surprised it could keep up with him, because it was so small. Then after they ran about 15 miles that day, the dog followed him into his tent and slept  with him.  Then it ran 3-more stages of the race with Dion! The runner was participating in the grueling 155 mile 4 Deserts Race across China’s Gobi desert with temperatures soaring as high as 125 Fahrenheit!  Dion says there were sections where he had to cross some pretty big rivers.  So he carried the dog across, even though it slowed him down. And in the end, the dog ran more than half of the race.  So Dion decided to adopt the dog and name it  Gobi. Then Dion started a GoFundMe campaign to help get Gobi back to Scotland. That’ll cost about $6,500, because he has to pay for the quarantine and the vet bills.  But people have already donated over $12,000!!  Dion says any money left over will be donated to charity.


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