Local Hospitals Banning Children From Visiting Due to Flu

Children are not allowed to visit patients and maternity wards at many hospitals to prevent the spread of the deadly flu.

As a result, local hospitals are cracking down on who can visit patients this flu season to limit transmission.

A nurse at Indian River Medical Center has mandated that no one under 12 can visit the maternity ward until further notice.

And other hospitals across the country are now following suit.

One hospital in Massachusetts is banning children younger than 13 from visiting any patients.

The hospital also wants to make sure anyone suffering from cold or flu symptoms stays home because patients, especially pregnant women and children, can get very sick from visitors who may only have mild flu symptoms.

Sixteen flu-related deaths were reported Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its weekly flu report.

This brings the total number of pediatric flu-related deaths to 53 for the season, which began in October.

According to the report, influenza activity is now widespread in 48 states and Puerto Rico, down from 49 states in the previous two weeks.

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