‘Mad About You’ Revival in the Works

It seems like those sitcoms we loved two decades ago are making a comeback. The next one looks to be ‘Mad About You’ which ran for seven seasons on NBC.
Sources claim that Sony Pictures TV Studios have had talks about an eighth season of the sitcom starring Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt coming aback to television. At this time no deals are in place and no network has said yes just yet.
The stars of the show, Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, would return and would focus on Paul and Jamie dealing with their 17 year old daughter Mabel being accepted to college. A story line that would totally disregard the series finale from two decades ago.
The show reboot seems to be the new fad right now as NBC has struck big bringing back ‘Will and Grace’ and are talking about bringing back ‘The Office’. Do you like the idea of these classic shows coming back to television?


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