Man Arrested For Eating Pancakes!

Lakeland police got a call the other morning about a man sitting in a chair at a TV table in the middle of a busy road.  He had a bottle of syrup and pancakes with what appeared to be bacon and scrambled eggs on a plate in front of him. He was chowing down.   911 call:  “There’s a gentlemen sitting in the middle of the road with a folding table eating. Eating. Just sitting in the middle of road eating with a chair and a folding table. ”  Video shows several vehicles stopping and trying to navigate around him. The person filming is heard laughing from the side of road.  Police say the guy left before officers arrived, but they later found a video of the breakfast break on Facebook, where several people had tagged the alleged eater. Police easily found 21-year old Kiaron Thomas living about 100 yards away from the dining scene. Thomas told investigators the whole thing was a prank. He’s been charged with placing an obstruction in the roadway and disrupting the free flow of traffic. He heads to court next month.

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