McDonald’s is bringing back The McRib

The McRib is officially coming back. The fan favorite is making its way back to the McDonald’s menu, and already has a set release date at select locations in California and Hawaii.

“The McRib is truly an iconic sandwich and has been a fan favorite since its debut on the McDonald’s menu 35 years ago,” McDonald’s Chef Chad Schafer said in a release.

The sandwich consists of a seasoned boneless pork patty drenched in McDonald’s signature McRib sauce underneath dill pickles and onions served a toasted bun.

In addition to the McRib’s release, the brand is rolling out an app called the McRib Finder, which will allow you to find participating restaurants.

So far, a McDonald’s in Southern California is officially selling the sandwich, as of November 2, while a restaurant in Hawaii doesn’t plan on selling the sandwich until November 7.

People really like The McRib?




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