Meet Kuri!

Imagine if you had a cartoon character roaming your floors, watching your kids and telling them stories — that’s Kuri. The robot is under 2-feet tall, and about a foot wide and weighs about 14-pounds! Both iOS and Android apps are available to help control and interact with Kuri, and when you’re not using him he finds his way to the power station! We love this little guy. Kuri comes with 4-microphones so he can hear you no matter where you are in the room, and he has a speaker built-in, too. But Kuri doesn’t respond with words; instead, it uses sounds, lights and its adorable eyes to communicate! The robot also has a built-in HD camera tucked behind one eye, and a range of sensors to stop it falling down stairs or bumping into furniture. it moves on a three wheels that help it rotate in any direction, and move from room to room with easy as it follows you around the house or goes where you tell it. There’s a processor on board to handle tasks like voice and image recognition processing locally, and it’s programmable through easy tools like IFTTT to expand its feature set. It’s designed to be a companion first, and an assistant second. Kuri’s movement design was led by a longtime Pixar animator, in fact, which Mayfield believes is key to making it something that people will not only be comfortable using, but that will want to interact with regularly.

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