Meet Lancelot The Goat…A Real Scapegoat

What a tale of 2 animal friends….Lancelot, a dwarf goat, has given new meaning to the word “scapegoat!”  You see, Lancelot knows how to butt open the stable gate and he did just that last week by helping his best friend escape. His best friend happens to be a very large Clydesdale named Budweiser. Another Clydesdale named Harry also escaped from their California home. Harry was caught the next day in a field down the road, but there was no sign of Budweiser. His owners feared “Buddy” was hiding somewhere. After 5 days of searching, rescuers on horseback found Buddy hiding in the woods about 3 miles from his home.  Once he was returned to his home, his owners say Buddy was playful and happy and glad to be back home after his big adventure!


Image Courtesy of Santa Cruz Sentinel 

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