Nintendo to reveal “New Interactive Experience” for Nintendo Switch Today

Today, Nintendo will make its popular Switch console even more popular by introducing Labo.
Labo is a new line of DIY toys that attach to the Switch or the controllers and allows you to play completely new games. What really makes Labo unique is that it boast lots of new games and is made of cardboard.
When you buy Labo you get a cartridge and cardboard pieces, pop in the cartridge to see how to build the cardboard accessory, and play. Some of the kits are simple and others may take a little more time.
You can build anything from a fishing rod to a robot suit to play the Labo games. You can build a piano and even a car to drive around the house.
There will be two products when it launches, a “Variety Kit” with accessories that will run around $70, and the robot suit which will go for $80. They will be in stores 4/20/18.
Are you excited to see and play the Labo games?



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