Not The Best Landing For Santa

Not even the magic of Santa Claus could save one holiday Santa impersonator from an unfortunate crash landing during a skydiving experience this weekend in Tampa Bay.  While the Santa did break his leg, everyone else is otherwise unharmed — except for the Elf on a Shelf doll he was attempting to deliver as a present, which also suffered a leg injury. George Krokus was planning on making a festive surprise entrance to a charity volleyball tournament in Tampa Bay by skydiving down to spectators, where he planned to drop off the the elf toy to a 9-year-old girl. But without the direction of Rudolph and a seasoned team of reindeer, Krokus, suited up as Santa, instead found himself crashing into a tree and light pole before finally landing on the beach. Krokus is going to be okay, but he had a broken leg that’s required two surgeries so far.

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