The Obamas Won’t Get An Invite To The Royal Wedding

While everyone tries to find out who is on the guest list for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, it’s being reported that one couple will not be on the list for sure and that’s the Obamas.  Harry considers Michelle and Barack close friends and really wanted them to be part of the wedding, but the government has stepped in and asked them not to invite them as their relationship with Trump sinks lower by the day.  “It won’t be a state occasion. If Mr. Obama was invited, the invitation could look like a snub to Mr. Trump, and his Royal Highness would not wish to cause a diplomatic row.” A source said to the Daily Mail. Harry and the Obamas became friends after they met and spent time together at the Invictus Games.  Do you think Harry and Meghan should invite the Obamas anyway?



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