PepsiCo’s New Drink Is So Special, You Need A Special Water Bottle To Drink It

PepsiCo’s latest drink is so special! How special is it? It’s so special the you have to have a special water bottle to drink it! Their new drink is called Drinkfinity and it’s not carbonated, it’s full of natural ingredients, and you can’t get it in a grocery store or vending machine.
The special bottles go for $20 and the juice pods that go inside can be ordered at the Drinkfinity website. Pods will run you $5-$6.50 for a pack of four. The two work together in a Keurig style.
Pods come in 12 flavors and fall into four categories called Charge, Chill, Flow, and Renew.
The drink is available for you now. You gonna give this new drink a try?



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