Reason Number 1079 Why Jennifer Does NOT Go On Roller Coasters!

I hate roller coasters. Always have. I’ve tried to get over my fear a number of times and every time I exit the coaster I promise myself I’ll never do it again!  So much for that theory about conquering your fears. But like a fool, I think the more I try, the better my chances of beating this fear.  However, every time I’ve attempted to conquer that fear, I SCARE myself even more, promising myself (and my heart) that I’ll never get on another roller coaster!   Stories like this just reaffirm my paranoia !  In this case, 11-people, including 9-children, have been injured after a roller coaster derailed at a theme park in Scotland.  Riders aboard the “Tsunami” roller coaster in North Lanarkshire, Scotland plunged 30 ft. to the ground when the train left the tracks. Horrific.

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