Are Red, Yellow, and Green Skittles The Same?

The frenzy on social media compares to the moment people found out Froot Loops were all the same flavor, and now social media is going crazy with the latest rumor that Skittles taste the same regardless of the color.
The buzz started when neuroscientist Bob Katz did blind taste tests of different food with their eyes covered and wearing nose clips.
“The coolest thing is that our brain fools us into thinking that this combined signal is from the tongue,” Katz revealed, “smell, color, sound, and feel of a food changes what we think a food tastes like.” he continued.
A spokesperson for Mars candy which makes Skittles denies the assumption that every Skittle has the same tastes, and says that every color has it’s own taste and flavor.
Do you think all Skittles taste the same? Will you do your own taste test?



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