So Young And Talented

Death is always hard to grasp, but when it happens at such a young age it’s even harder.  Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident over the weekend.  He was only 24 years old, and one of the best pitchers in the majors.  During the Dodgers game yesterday, Vin Scully read one of Jose’s Tweets from last year, and it was kind of scarily appropriate.  Jose asked about what would happen if you could be given a book of your own life . . . would you want to read the last chapter?  His own life story is pretty special . . . he defected from Cuba when he was only 15, and became a major league player 3- years ago.  He had 3-unsuccessful attempts to flee Cuba, and on the 4th-trip he rescued his own mother when she fell off the boat and nearly drowned. RIP will be missed

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