Supermarket Sweep is coming back to TV

This was one of my favorite TV game shows & it’s coming back!!  Supermarket Sweep is set to return I didn’t even realize this was on first in the 60’s from 1965 -1967.

Vasha Wallace, EVP, Global Acquisitions and Development, said: “The time is ripe to bring back this all-time favorite game show which has traveled with such success over the years. Now, modern technology allows us the opportunity to update the show, making it relevant for a 21st-century audience. It is a great addition to this year’s MIPCOM slate and given the interest we’ve had already we’re confident that everyone will be as excited for its return as we are.”

I would love to be on this show!!! I remember yelling at the TV “Grab the turkeys! Get more Vanilla Beans! Pine Nuts!!! They will rack up the bill!”

What game show would you want to be a contestant on?




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