Today’s Fun Holiday – Stick Out Your Tongue Day!

Today is Stick Out Your Tongue Day! It must be.  I read it on the internet!

It’s not clear if the inventor, who remains anonymous, of this silly, made-up holiday wanted it to be a day for people to stick out their tongues at everyone they come in contact with or if it was just for them to stick out their tongues during a check up at the doctor!  Could also be that the creator of this unofficial holiday created it to encourage people to take silly selfies, except that the holiday existed WAY before the selfie!

Many cultures consider sticking your tongue out at someone to be rude, insulting & childish.  In these cultures, when children stick out their tongue at adults, it is seen as an act of disobedience. In Tibet, however, sticking out one’s tongue is considered to be a polite form of greeting.

Ways to Celebrate?

  • Stick out your tongue at people, but let them know why you are doing it so they don’t think you’re just being rude!
  • Take a silly selfie & post it on your social media platforms.

Happy Stick Out Your Tongue Day!