Top-tier universities throw support behind anti-gun student protesters

As the debates and questions continue in the wake of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that left 17 dead and many others injured on Feb. 14, a new audience is taking notice: colleges and their applicants.

Some colleges and universities around the country are saying they will ignore disciplinary actions on the high school transcripts of applicants. This comes after two school districts in Texas and Wisconsin notified parents that students who walk out of class in support of the Parkland victims and tougher gun laws could face suspension.

One university that is supporting student protestors is Yale. The school’s admissions officers tells the media that it, “will NOT be rescinding anyone’s admission decision for participating in peaceful walkouts for this or other causes,” and that he will cheer them on.

While other schools such as MIT, Boston University, and Tulane, are offering the same support, no South Florida colleges or universities – including FAU, Broward College and Palm Beach State College – which are all just miles away from Stoneman Douglas High School, have joined the bandwagon…yet.

What do you think? Should our local institutions encourage student action regarding gun laws, especially considering the tragedy happened in our region, or should the schools stay out of the debate?



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