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This is one of the most disturbing videos we have seen in along time. An elderly woman goes next doot to tell the kids at a pool party to tone it down. What happens next is inexcusable.  She’s lucky to be alive .  On Saturday, a high school party was being held by local party promoters, the Block Boyz. The party must’ve been getting pretty loud, because it didn’t take long for an elderly neighbor to walk over with her two little dogs in order to air some grievances. It appears the woman intended to let the teenagers know they ought to keep the noise down.  As the video shows, her concerns aren’t taken seriously. Seconds after she began complaining to the group, one of the party attendees runs over to the woman, grabs her by the waist, and slams her to the ground. Then, he picks her up and threw her in the pool, while her dogs were still leashed to her. Everyone else at the party immediately fled from the scene, laughing and screaming.  According to reports, the woman managed to get herself out of the pool, and left the property with her dogs on her own. She was later taken to a local area hospital, where she was diagnosed with serious head trauma. She remains in stable condition as an investigation into the incident continues.

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