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And who doesn’t love a good hydrangea…?

Tropical Rose Hydrangea – Dombeya ‘Seminole’

‘Tropical rose hydrangea’ is a Hydrangea variety in the Hydrangea genus with a scientific name of Hydrangea. Tropical rose hydrangea is a variety of hybrid Hydrangea . This variety is a Flower that typically grows as an Perennial, which is defined as a plant that matures and completes its lifecycle over the course of three years or more. Normally growing to a mature height of 2.44 metres (7.92 feet), Tropical rose hydrangea grows with a shrub-like habit.

Try to plant in a location that enjoys partial sun and remember to water moderately. Keep in mind when planting that Tropical rose hydrangea is thought of as half hardy, so remember to protect this plant from frosts and low temperatures.

Now this one is a mouthful…

Pink Shaving Brush Tree – Pseudobombax grandiflorum
Pink Shaving Brush Tree originates from area of southern Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Generally it grows 20-40 ft. Sometimes it can grow up to 60 ft (18m). Leaves are first bright red turning a fine green as they mature. It blooms flowers in Spring. The Flowers are silky and two types colors. Some trees bloom red flowers and some white flowers. They are looking so beautiful when they are in full bloom. The wood is interesting as well, showing stripping of greens, yellows, browns and white. For this reason the people of Central America plant the tree in their garden and the attractive flowers are used to decorate their homes and churches.

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– Jennifer 

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