These Women Posted Vacation Pictures From Their Around The World Cruise Before Their HUGE Coke Bust!

2-beautiful Canadian girls documented their $20,000 worldwide cruise like any 20-something would.  But authorities in Australia say 28 year old Isabelle Lagace and 22 year old Melina Roberce had more in their luggage than string bikinis. They also allegedly had $23 million worth of cocaine! That’s the most ever seized from cruise or airline passengers.  Along with 63 year old, Andre Tamine, the women were arrested and charged with attempting to smuggle 200 pounds of the drug into Australia as part of a major international drug syndicate. But before they were hauled off to jail, these women had the time of their lives. The posted a trail of pictures from exotic locations around the world. However, not included in those photos: Bulging suitcases packed with 95 kilograms of cocaine!  #dumbanddumber 


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