It’s a World Concern & we need your help

Did you know that parasites threaten children living in developing countries causing blindness, malnutrition, disease and even death?  Did you also know that just 44 Cents will provide a dose of medicine that will cure one child of parasites?

Sunny 107.9 has partnered with World Concern to help raise funds to provide a cure to children infected with parasites that cause pain, sickness, stunted growth, and malnourishment.

Just imagine, for every $132 gifted to World Concern, 300 children will be cured of parasites. They’ll receive access to clean water. Sanitation systems and latrines will be installed.

Click here now and cure as many kids as you can…and then keep them cured through clean water and sanitation.  Your donation will make a lasting impact in the lives of sick children, enabling them to absorb nutrients from food, sleep comfortably, and concentrate in school.

$44 will cure 100 kids and keep them cured!

$88 will cure 200 kids and keep them cured!

$132 will cure 300 kids and keep them cured!

$220 will cure 500 kids and keep them cured!

$440 will cure 1000 kids and keep them cured!

$1320 will cure 3000 kids and keep them cured!

Have your credit card ready when you call (888) 544-5448 or click here to make your donation now!




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