Would You Swim In This Pool?

Did Rio run out of chlorine and acid? The Olympic diving pool is definitely green.  And Olympic officials are saying all is well! The lush, green diving pool at the Olympics might not be as safe as officials are saying, according an expert.  Olympic officials have said that though they don’t know what has caused the green water, it is nothing to worry about and will be fixed soon. But a pool treatment expert has warned that he would not go in the water while the health of the pool is still uncertain. “The water is not supposed to be green,” said Ralph Riley, vice chairman of the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (Pwtag). Mr Riley said that Olympic officials probably meant that there’s no immediate safety threat to the divers, from algae or whatever else had led to the green hue. But the color could be a symptom of something else equally worrying, he said.  Mr Riley made clear that he couldn’t say why the pool had gone green, since he doesn’t know what system organizers are using. But there are multiple explanations, which include algae, green disinfectant or a potential color caused by the way the water is interacting with copper in the heating system.  We wouldn’t be diving into it!

Image courtesy of austin360.com

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