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The whole world seemed to want it, and now it’s here:  ABBA has returned, and they’re releasing their first album in 40 YEARS.  It’s called “Voyage”, and it’ll be out November 5th.

The dropped TWO new singles yesterday, I Still Have Faith in You” and Don’t Shut me Down.

Next May, we’ll get to see ABBA in concert.  But not live.  I know it’s weird, but stick with me . . .

The four members of ABBA . . .  Agnetha FältskogAnni-Frid LyngstadBenny Andersson, and Björn Ulvaeus . . . put on those crazy motion-capture suits and spent “weeks and months” creating a digital performance.

Those digital avatars . . . which look like the YOUNG version of ABBA . . . will “perform” along with a live 10-piece orchestra.  These are NOT holograms, by the way.  The technology is different.

The show will open at a 3,000-seat arena in London.  There’s no word if it’ll tour.  Tickets will go on sale next week at

The band says, quote, “We’re going to be able to sit back in an audience and watch our digital selves perform our songs on a stage in a custom-built arena in London next spring.  Weird and wonderful!”

(You can get a sneak peek at what the avatars look like at the end of the “I Still Have Faith in You” video.  And check out the band . . . as they look now . . . in their motion capture suits.)

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