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2 Kids Steal A Car To Go Buy A Toy Truck

Two brothers in Malaysia, aged six and three, crashed their parents’ car while trying to drive to a store to buy a new TOY car.    They snuck off with the keys to their parents’ Toyota while their dad was sleeping, and their mom was in the bathroom.  The six-year-old drove, because obviously three is a little too young for that.   They were all over the road.  Other cars started following them, because people thought the driver was drunk.    They made it about a mile-and-a-half before crashing into a lamppost.  Luckily, they’re okay.  The three-year-old was fine, and the six-year-old ended up with a scrape on his chin.  When an adult asked what they were doing, the older kid said, quote, “Mama is at home and we are going to the store.  We want to buy a black car.”